10 Unexpected Lessons

Taking a cue from Reyna 🙂

10 things I unexpectedly learned yesterday: (yes, some of them are DUH moments)

1) Quik Trip giftcards go a LONG way when the only thing you use them for is coffee!!

2) Flexible schedules at work will always seem to be more flexible for other people than they are for you. Much like the grass is always greener on someone else’s side of the fence.

3) I am not a patient individual. Especially when I know think I’m right.

4) Taking my day’s aggression and frustrations out on my bootcamp class actually does, in fact, make me feel better.

5) David Crowder music seems to cure any and all ailments from the day.

6) Turn signals in Johnson County Kansas are apparently optional. And yelling at said ‘optional users’ does nothing more than heighten a day’s worth of frustrations…cause they can’t hear you Brandi

7) Gassing up your car the day before payday can fill a person with angst even when there actually IS money in the bank *sigh*

8) Having a ten year old unexpectedly snuggle up to you on the couch and talk to you about problems with her friends at school can fill a heart will so many emotions at once it’s both terrifying and wonderful. And has the added bonus of making all your own life’s problems seem miniscule and ridiculous in comparison.

9) Emotional exhaustion + wine = no trouble whatsoever falling asleep on a couch. It also = strange, but oh so real feeling dreams that prompt you to ask if they actually happened….

10) An apple with Peanut Butter is not ‘dinner’ and coffee is not ‘breakfast’. And my stomach will continue to growl and be pissed off until I am well aware of this fact.

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