The Best Gift Ever

Growing up in a big family with little money and a baby sister who is allergic to EVERYTHING (I love you Kendal…) having a dog was a dream we knew we’d never realize. We did have an outside farm dog named Dollar that we loved but rarely ‘played’ with as he was running all over the countryside. I especially wanted a little puppy that could snuggle with me in bed and wait for me at the bus stop and help me eat my veggies at the dinner table. My parents made it very clear that was never gonna happen.

BUT there was this exciting day in every college student’s future that involves being given money and gifts to help you start your life in the ‘real world’: Graduation Day.

My parents began hinting at a graduation present at the start of my 4th year in school. Because of the extended stay I did in college for the Master’s program, I had 3 whole years to think and plan and ponder what I really wanted. I knew I wanted a puppy. That grew into a desire for a big dog. And slowly over the course of the last year up to graduation my love for Siberian Huskies developed.

I found a breeder in Washington, Iowa called Timber Ridge Huskies and called them up. They had a little due at the end of March that would be ready for pickup in late May. It was a sign J My mom sent them their down payment and I was told I’d be given first pick. I had decided that a male pup and I would get along better than a female. On March 28th I was informed that only 1 puppy had survived the birth and that it was a female. I was disappointed but asked that they send me pictures just in case.

I was hooked. She was adorable! I sent them an email back that just said, “She’s mine. I’ll see you in May!”

I drove up to Washington to pick her up after I graduated. It was the best road trip ever. She sat shotgun with me either up in the seat looking out the window, or when she grew tired she curled up on the floor beneath the air conditioning vent and slept.

Over the last few years (she is almost 4!!), Kaiah and I have grown into quite the ridiculous pair. She is my baby. She’s got a serious attitude problem and is incredibly vocal. She behaves as though she is human and deserves to be treated as such. I think it’s hilarious. We snuggle in the evenings, run together sometimes, play at the park, and just enjoy each other’s company when we can. She cries when I cry, she smiles when I smile, and she plays with me when she knows I need a distraction.

She’s a spoiled rotten pup. But I love her to death. She is one of my besties.

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